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Rock Climbing in South Wales

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Discover the incredible excitement of rock climbing in South Wales! At Hawk Adventures, we plan rock climbing activities that never let nature lovers down. From those initial steps on the rock to solid climbing independence, what we offer goes far beyond a simple outdoor activity; it’s a journey to unlock your full potential!

Of all the activities we provide, rock climbing stands out as a favourite. South Wales and the Brecon Beacons, in particular, are renowned for their breathtaking scenic beauty, which makes them an exceptional destination for adrenaline-filled climbing holidays.

If you’ve never rock climbed before, our guided rock climbing trips suit all levels of expertise: they are perfect for beginners eager to explore the basics but also suit experienced climbers wanting to test their boundaries to the fullest. Join us in South Wales, where the thrill of rock climbing meets the beauty of nature, promising a memorable, fulfilling adventure.

What Does Rock Climbing Involve?

Savouring the thrill of rock climbing in South Wales is especially fascinating in the captivating scenery of the Brecon Beacons. Set against the backdrop of lush woodlands, meandering rivers, and magnificent mountains, these locations are the perfect setting for your rock climbing adventure in the UK. Alternatively, if coastal views are more to your liking, consider the sea cliffs near Cardiff, Bridgend, or the stunning Gower coastline in Swansea. For those seeking some inland excitement, Carmarthenshire and the Brecon Beacons provide equally remarkable rock climbing experiences.

Your rock climbing trip will see you ascend rock faces of varying difficulty levels. At Hawk Adventures, safety is a staple; our skilled instructors will guide you up and down the cliffs, making your experience both safe and enjoyable. Should you crave an extra challenge, we’re more than happy to bring other elements into the activity, turning your adventure into something unforgettable and more personally rewarding!

Who Can Rock Climb?

Rock climbing trips are an excellent activity for climbers of all ages and skill levels. So, gather your friends, family, or colleagues for a thrilling rock-climbing weekend or team-building activity! Whether you’re part of a large group or prefer a more personal experience through small skills courses, at Hawk Adventures, we have something for everyone. The essence of rock climbing lies in its versatility, where excitement and fulfilment combine to create an engaging experience for everyone involved.

Hawk Adventures’ Rock Climbing Equipment

Join one of our knowledgeable instructors for a personalised outing. Our private sessions offer you the flexibility to set the pace and the level of excitement you’re comfortable with. We will provide all the necessary equipment, including helmets, harnesses, metalwork, and ropes, and we’ll show you how to use them. Once this is done, you’ll be ready to push yourself to new heights!

Do you want to check out our most recent rock-climbing adventures? Check out Hawk Adventures Instagram page!

Adventure Activities

Whole DayHalf Day
Small Group (1-3)£295£245
Medium Group (4-10)£75 pp£55 pp
Large Group (11-20)*£70 pp£50 pp

*Discounts are available for larger groups; contact us to learn more.

At Hawk Adventures, we want to make your booking process as straightforward as possible.

Book It

Contact us and let us know the activity you want to book, when you want it booked, and how many people are in your group.

Receive It

We will plan everything for you and send you a detailed information pack describing all the activities involved.

Enjoy It

All you need to do is enjoy an award-winning activity session. To make it extra special, at the end, we will give you the photos to remember your time with us!

When your rock climbing adventure day comes, you will meet your instructor at or close to your chosen activity venue to kick-start your adventure. As simple as that!

In our post-activity card, you will know where and how to access your photos free of charge. It will also give you the opportunity to leave a review for us to let other people know how much you enjoyed your experience at Hawk Adventures.

Why choose to plan your rock climbing trip with us?

  • We are a multi-award-winning activity provider, taking people on adventures since 1990.
  • We offer great value: our full days last 7 hours, half days for 3.5 hours. And the photos we take are yours for free.
  • Our instructors are amazing to go on an adventure with, but they are also highly trained, qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable in all the activities they deliver, which gives you further peace of mind.
  • We are inspected and hold a licence from the Adventure Activities Licencing Authority. Safety is paramount to us, and our track record is exemplary.
  • We provide all the safety equipment you need, including footwear for Caving and Gorge Walking.

We are flexible and adapt to our customers’ needs so they can have the experience of a lifetime.

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