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Personal Challenge

And Adventure Days

If you’re looking for something that packs a little more punch then look no further. Our Challenge Events are designed to push you that little bit further, higher, deeper and closer to the edge.

Push yourself and your friends on a physically and mentally challenging day that’s designed to make you sweat and stare fear in the face.

Sea Level Traversing
A coastal journey with a mountaineering feel.
Follow your guide through an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, scrambling, climbing, abseiling and sliding across ropes around a rocky route just above the sea. This is a great way to explore a stunning area of the Welsh coastline in an action packed dynamic adventure.

The idea is to stay dry, but who knows what will happen...

The Beast
Unleash The Beast, you’re in for a workout of extreme proportions.
Experience the meaning of the word ‘Beasting’ and learn that the best experiences of your life may not feel so nice at the time.
Drop down pot holes and into the dark where crawling through the mud and squeezing through cracks in the rock are the only way to see the light again.
But its not over yet…
Wade up river, climbing swimming and jumping your way along, with diversions into mines and rocky crawls. Run up and over the hill to the final jumps to cool off in the river pool, then jog back to a well deserved set of dry clothes.
Expect to be tired, bruised and happy at the end of the day.

Ultimate Abseiling
Sliding down a rope can’t be that hard, can it?
We’ll start off easy, teaching you how to get down safely when faced with a cliff to descend. Gradually things become progressively higher, steeped and scarier, until the only thing between you and the ground is 150’ of air.

Bespoke Challenges
If there’s a challenge you have in mind, from walking and running events, to extreme climbing and caving, we can help make it happen.


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If you’re interested in a more friendly team challenge then have a look at our Sports Day and Team Building Events.