Breakdown of 5-10 million price when the two tables, caused by the eleven will embark on your journey

Eleven National Day is coming soon, but also a wave of long holidays, in a tense and busy 5 months after work, taking advantage of the Golden Week, go out to relax and relax will be a good choice, if you think eleven domestic Travel too many people, so you can take the plane to a long-distance travel, so exotic exotic washed away your long-accumulated fatigue. This time, in order to cater to the needs of outbound travel table friends, Xiao Bian also recommended several high-end when the two watch to help you easily jet lag, as the table more, this article will be divided into two parts, for everyone Breakdown of several high-quality two-time table. This swiss replica watches Greenwich II116710BLNR watch, in the Basel Watch Fair with a stunning debut, into the people's vision which has left a lingering impression, deeply rooted in people's hearts. Rolex classic oyster case design, sparkling stainless steel dazzling metallic luster, a unique two-color ceramic bezel and bubble-type date display window, all this is so familiar, but with a new Attitude in our eyes, as we recast the classic. Function with, this table also has a very good performance, whether it is away from home, or home life, it can provide you with good help. The movement, not to mention, replica watches uk 3186 movement will be in time with the reality of the race to explain everything. Because it is a new table, so the current market price we are not clear, but I believe that Rolex will not let such a classic watch as we can not catch the dream, let us wait and see. This Panerai PAM00441 with its unique exterior design, will come from Rome, from the Aegean coast of the beautiful perfect presentation in front of us. It as a men's watch, although showing the temperament of men's stable masculine, but it is not very strong, can be said to show the time euphemism, it is this combination of hardness and softness to make it more attractive. Its function is also very practical and powerful, date display, the second time zone shows the convenience of our life is obvious to all, and 100 meters depth of the waterproof performance, it has a strong ability to adapt to anytime, anywhere for the We help. The Panerai Cal.p.9001 homemade movement is its strong performance guarantee, Panerai more than a hundred years history of the accumulation of watchmaking process and experience of the movement, naturally very reassuring. The reference price of this table is about 94,000 yuan, for this table excellent quality, the price or value for money. This celebrity MOA10040 Chrysmas watch, with rose gold case, black dial and crocodile leather strap with, as we show the elegant appearance, making it a can in the public set off the owner of elegant temperament , Highlighting the superior quality of the wearer's rolex replica. It is also in the functional design of its own design and its main users of business people to do a full consideration of the power reserve shows the power reserve situation can be clearly presented in our eyes, and dual time zones can often run The people around the world to provide no small help. And its accuracy has excellent mechanical movement of the performance as a guarantee, both can make us feel at ease, but also for the watch to improve the grade. The current market reference price of 61,000 yuan for the table, the lack of wrist jewelry business people is a good choice. In this time the recommendation, we selected Rolex, Panerai and celebrities, of which the Rolex models for the latest this year, which is characterized by the use of the bezel brand developed six-year-old blue and black two-color ceramic materials, including black On behalf of the evening, blue for the day, the second time zone from the dial on the triangle arrow pointer, and bezel can be rotated, easy to achieve the second time zone indication. Panerai style is characterized by the use of a ceramic case, so the price will be much more expensive, in addition, the second time zone of the same instructions by the dial in the triangle arrow pointer to complete, but it can not rotate the bezel, which need to manually adjust the pointer To achieve an indication of different time zones. Celebrity models for the rose gold case, the second time zone at 12 o'clock position by the small dial instructions, is a 24-hour system, which also has a day and night display function. The recommendation of the three tables, Rolex and Panerai undoubtedly the best, celebrity models even if easy to use, functional and practical, but in terms of their own process value or brand influence, are less than the other two, but Its style is business-oriented, so it also has its own applicable groups. Rolex models for the obvious sports and leisure style, but also because it is new, before it has long been hot fried table, which has a high visibility, internal movement equipped with patented gossamer and automatic winding system to ensure that the wrist Table proud of the quality. Panerai is the style of the army, as always, but neat and clean dial and honest case, impressive, internal self-made 9001 self-winding movement, great visual impact. In general, the two functions when the display, the three tables are very simple and clear, the operation Rolex is the most convenient, while three tables were suitable for different disposition and temperament of the people, I hope you have that in mind that When the two places.