Breakdown of 5-10 million price when the two tables, caused by the eleven will embark on your journey

In the last issue, we recommended three good performance when the two watches, but also understand the different brands for the two functions when the different design and style of the show, this issue, we will continue to introduce the two places When the watch, all the recommended models are classic and even today is still classic, of which there are some new this year. This time, we chose a Chopin, a replica watches , an Omega and an Athens, which several tables are very rough men's watches, then they function in the two places when the performance, what is the difference ?? Let's take a look. Chopin brand had to focus on the development of movement and the promotion of the traditional tabulation process, followed by the main jewelry box watch the Schaefer family in charge, which Chopin's jewelry watch began to enter a new development, and in the traditional system Table, LUC series available, no doubt that the brand tabulation DNA is still continuing and development. In 2006, Chopard launched this 168959-3001 watch, with a very modern design, into the rotating bezel-type GMT function and 300 meters depth of the water, so watch in performance over a lot of the same level of double Time zone watch (most good at waterproof replica watches uk, GMT waterproof depth of only 100 meters). At the same time, as a new Pro-one members, it is equipped with brand-made LUC 96H24-type automatic movement, 96 for its movement family number, H24 represents a 24-hour display, this movement was COSC certification, movement thickness For the 3.3 mm, twin barrels provide 65 hours of accurate travel time. From the data can also be seen, 300 meters of water at the expense of a lot of case thickness. Overall, this watch despite the earlier years, but until now, is still very pretty, Pro-one, should be "professional-one". Rolex explorer II216570 watch is designed specifically for the adventure watch, so it can adapt to most of the harsh environment, and emit a very masculine masculinity. So if you love sports and tourism, or you want to show yourself a masculine type of sportsman, this Rolex explorer is a good choice. The reference price of this table is about 6w, is the brand in the high cost of the table, which combines the traditional Swiss watchmaking top technology, modern aesthetics and professional features in one, is your identity, mountain adventure, travel excellent companion. As a classic of rolex replica , you deserve it. Relying on the internal powerful 8605 movement with the practical features to attract the attention of most people, and before that Omega has just launched a "Planet Ocean", a new type of hippocampus, Film to call for marine environmental protection. The combination of the two watch this fame, will be part of the income-funded public projects this action is also captured like the public welfare activities of the table fans heart. Its bamboo watch box is also a good way to promote the concept of environmental protection, up to 4 years after-sales service to give it the most basic protection. Athens is a professional production of nautical timepieces of the brand, but not limited to this, from its three questions, fantasy Tourbillon, astronomical trilogy and other works, you can see it in the mechanical tabulation of talent and odd Thinking, it is not surprising that Athens can create a simple and convenient dual time zone watch. Athens 243-55 / 92 watch 42 mm stainless steel case, equipped with a high-quality UN 24 self-winding mechanical movement, this movement is based on ETA 2892-A2 movement based restructuring, so With excellent performance. In short, the Athens 243-55 / 92 watch as a brand dual time zone watch classic, in addition to the brand since 1993 will be developed out of the special dual time zone function, but also equipped with a brand patent large calendar display structure, + "And" - "second time zone time adjustment button to achieve a fast time to adjust, is the most convenient when the adjustment structure of the two places, and Athens double time zone watch, is also considered the most simple and convenient time Watch. I believe that after reading each of the above table, we have some understanding of it, in this Xiaobian for everyone to simply sum up: In the style, all four for the leisure sports, but in their respective materials, colors, the appearance of the layout of the difference, with some of the more small differences, which Chopard models from the LUC series, is a partial type of elegant positioning; The rolex is always tough and rugged; Omega is the new this year, because it is the hippocampus series, so more biased in favor of diving, the color is relatively light fashion some; Athens this has been some years, because the brand navigation clock history, Of the table Some sailor's style, and most of the navigation table has a very big difference. In the performance, Chopin is equipped with brand-made LUC 96H24-type automatic movement, and has COSC certification; Rolex is equipped with brand-made automatic movement 3187, COSC certification, equipped with patented gossamer and cushioning device; Is equipped with a UN-24-type movement, this movement is based on the 2892-A2 restructuring, is considered the most convenient when the two wrist table. Rolex movement is the most durable movement, strong anti-magnetic properties of anti-magnetic, Omega's coaxial movement is the most durable movement, the warranty up to 4 years; Chopin and Athens this movement less, but also worthy As is the high-end movement. 11 National Day holiday is coming, if you are ready to pack, you want to come to a pleasant cross-border travel, then please do not forget, with a two-time function of the watch.