Rolex 60,000 or so new 2013 watch recommended

The new year is the Friends of you are particularly concerned about the table, and coincides with the Golden Week, the tourism brought about by the purchase of the craze is about to start in this Xiaobian recommend two replica watches uk for a choice For this year's very hot 116710BLNR watch, which is commonly known as the "Inter Milan" Greenwich II, another is always very hot explorer II - white 216570, printing has been circulating a "buy II, White "argument. This Rolex Greenwich II116710BLNR watch, in the Basel Watch Fair with a stunning debut, into the people's vision which has left a lingering impression, deeply rooted in people's hearts. Rolex classic oyster case design, sparkling stainless steel dazzling metallic luster, a unique two-color ceramic bezel and bubble-type date display window, all this is so familiar, but with a new Attitude in our eyes, as we recast the classic. Function with, this table also has a very good performance, whether it is away from home, or home life, it can provide you with good help. The movement, not to mention, Rolex 3186 movement will be in time with the reality of the race to explain everything. rolex replica explorer II216570 watch is designed specifically for the adventure watch, so it can adapt to most of the harsh environment, and emit a very masculine masculinity. So if you love sports and tourism, or you want to show yourself a masculine type of sportsman, this Rolex explorer is a good choice. The reference price of this table is about 6w, is the brand in the high cost of the table, which combines the traditional Swiss watchmaking top technology, modern aesthetics and professional features in one, is your identity, mountain adventure, travel excellent companion. The introduction of the new Rolex GMT II watch, really want to buy when the two watch the labor of the tangle of a powder, indeed, these two tables are very good, the new watch with the latest research and development from the blue Black ceramic circle, and 21,657,00 it is to explore II in the classic style, and use the latest 3187 movement, the difference between the subtle, extraordinary charm, of course, there is no fish and bear-palm-like choice between them , You can have both. This year's latest Rolex GMT II watch features: First, the use of the brand's latest development of the blue and black two-color ceramic bezel, the perfect fusion of different colors of ceramics has been Rolex's exclusive technology, but the combination of blue and black color to Rolex confused As long as six years, the brand has long been launched over the red and black circles, but until today, the introduction of blue and black circles, which also represents the brand in the field of a qualitative improvement; Second, the use of two-way rotating bezel design, Equipped with a second time zone indicator pointer, which means that it can actually display the time zone three time, but also when the local time 24 hours display function can also be used as a second time zone 24 hours display, etc., Can be flexible and enhance the fun; Third, the internal carrying 3186 automatic movement, the use of paramagnetic blue hairspring, shock absorbers did not improve. And has always been a classic 216570 watch features: First, the fixed bezel, which itself is not a GMT type of watch, fixed bezel and internal fourth pointer is not intended to indicate the second time zone, just Because the pointer is adjustable, which can be used as a second time zone watch; Second, equipped with 3187 automatic movement, the use of blue paramagnetic gossamer and brand patent Paraflex cushioning device. Overall, from the movement level, 3187 is only 3186 more than a cushioning device, the seismic performance is slightly better (the official said is increased by 50%), the other part did not change significantly. In appearance, it is clear that the shell of the 216570 watch more use of brushed scrub treatment, which is more resistant to wear, but also more rough, table diameter 42 mm, and the new "Inter Milan" GMT II watch surface by polishing and scrub Alternative treatment, more modern fashion sense of fashion, table diameter of 40 mm. Select rolex replica, do not need to focus on the performance of many movements, the main consideration price, appearance and wear experience can be, and these two tables are undoubtedly doing very well in this regard, but all-steel material, Will be heavier to wear some.