Three new male table hot recommended

For our favorite watch, how can we express the inner love? Is the collection of limited edition? Or buy hot money? In fact, love the brand's kingly is to buy this year's new, just in this quarter almost this year's new will enter the Chinese market, Xiao Bian in this do about preheating, for this year's new introduction, they are most concerned about the most Style, but also definitely will not regret after buying the style. This Rolex Greenwich II116710BLNR watch, in the Basel replica watches uk Fair with a stunning debut, into the people's vision which has left a lingering impression, deeply rooted in people's hearts. Rolex classic oyster case design, sparkling stainless steel dazzling metallic luster, a unique two-color ceramic bezel and bubble-type date display window, all this is so familiar, but with a new Attitude in our eyes, as we recast the classic. Function with, this table also has a very good performance, whether it is away from home, or home life, it can provide you with good help. The movement, not to mention, Rolex 3186 movement will be in time with the reality of the race to explain everything. Relying on the internal powerful 8605 movement with the practical features to attract the attention of most people, and before that Omega has just launched a "Planet Ocean", a new type of hippocampus, Film to call for marine environmental protection. The combination of the two watch this fame, will be part of the income-funded public projects this action is also captured like the public welfare activities of the table fans heart. Its bamboo watch box is also a good way to promote the concept of environmental protection, up to 4 years after-sales service to give it the most basic protection. This watch is the new male watch this year, some fashion design style, but also some of rolex replica the meaning of the concept table inside, the world's limited 888, you can need to be free to flip into your favorite style. But it is not yet listed, may be in October this year will appear in the store, Xiao Bian understand that the pricing in Europe is 4900 euros, the price forecast in the country should not have too much discrepancy. Unfortunately, this watch is only used in the movement of the entry movement, and some waste its excellent appearance with the abstract design concepts, pricing is also somewhat overpriced. Rolex of this "Inter Milan circle" should be the highest degree of concern so far this year, the Rolex watch. Special materials, special colors make it become shiny in Basel, in fact, like some old-fashioned Rolex, this fresh color is their best blend agent, like green water ghost is so fire up , This watch will watch the fire Oh! Omega and Rolex like the replica watches industry, Kentucky Fried Chicken grandfather and McDonald's uncle, their product launch time is also strikingly similar, Launches a GMT, Europe will retaliate a double time zone. This Omega ocean universe and just the "Inter Milan circle" has the same function, compared to the Omega do better, in the diving performance to be higher. And this watch also has a charitable meaning, because it will be part of the proceeds to fund public welfare activities, the move to focus on it more people. Perhaps at the level of the brand Hamilton is still inferior to the previous two table status, but this FACE 2 FACE in this year also attracted a lot of people's attention. A watch also has two movements, two dial, it is simply unimaginable, when the time in the recording can enjoy the movement of dual-feeling wood there! So equipped with a female form of movement, but that is only "venue" is not big enough to do so, does not affect its operation. Limited 888 with it believe that you are concerned about the degree of certain high, and the price of 4900 euros is enough to prove that you love Hamilton.