Rolex 179175, high-end ladies watch basic models

Rolex brand basic does not need to say, even ordinary people have a more or less understanding of its products gives the visual impact is reliable, from its repair rate of the watch can also reflect this point . But it does not mean that it only focus on durability, in the design, brand diversification, mechanical technology, marketing, public and so on, it has developed by leaps and bounds. Its product classification is basically in accordance with the functions and styles to the general category is the main type of formal and Sunday log-type, diving is the submerged and deepsea type, magnetic is milguass, sailing is the yacht Mingshi , Business travel is the GMT type, polar exploratory type is the explorer type, and most brands compared to its series classification is very clear, positioning is also very clear, which is one of the main reasons for its success. Today, is a high-end ladies watch, replica watches uk addition to doing the popular table (in fact, it does not have a limited table, custom type, the public refers to the price and style more close to the people), its high-end watches are also very Important, is the brand of the most important part of it every series has a high-end table models, mainly precious metals and precious materials to build, focus is still durable. The introduction of this, is from the Rolex log type in the women's rolex replica 179175, in the women's log type, there are pearl ladies rolex type, 31 mm, 36 mm and other special models, classification clarity. This watch is Rolex high-end women in the basic models, mainly because it is in addition to the use of precious metals, the other configuration and many steel models, neither for the movement to build it, there is no special features and special significance , But in the upper class, still need such a style. Rolex watch-type women's 179175 watch the whole body with rose gold material, table diameter is only 26 mm, from the size point of view, it should be a very small watch, but the Rolex watch is such a magic, its wrist Table is much higher than its decorative significance, so although the dial is small, but no one would think it is a decorative table, a lot of brand ladies watch, dial is very small, supplemented by diamonds and specially designed bracelet , Decorative nature is higher than its watch. Follow the replica watches log type of special design, bezel rose gold material for the bezel, case design for the Oyster, table bottom cover by the brand of special tools to tighten, so far have not revealed the particularity of which, but certainly Is the oyster-style case to do a depth of water and dust. In addition, the table mirror for the sapphire crystal glass material, the lens on the mirror lens for the brand's characteristics, the current can basically see the Rolex 3 o'clock position with a calendar watch, have the design, it can improve the date of identification Reading the same time, can also play a decorative role. Dial is champagne and has a day-hue pattern decoration, very conspicuous, while using 10 diamonds as a time scale, fully demonstrated the ladies watch exquisite, noble and beautiful. Pointer are simple rod-shaped needle, without any special shape, 12 o'clock position set up a three-dimensional gold crown, representing a 12-point time scale. Strap design is also the most professional Rolex, is the most brand characteristics, in Rolex products, a total of two or three straps, one for the Oyster strap (that is, the most common biased in favor of the flat chain ), The other is this watch this is known as the President strap, its links are semi-cylindrical, multi-brand in the high-end models, the general are also precious metal material. Under the appearance of exquisite and beautiful, hidden Rolex simple self-winding movement, model Cal.2235, only about 20 mm in diameter, is the brand for ladies watch and build a small movement, Cal. 3135 Men's log-type watch movement reduced version, although the diameter is small, but the thickness has reached 5.96 mm, very surface shop does not open, change the vertical arrangement of meaning. It and 3135 the same structure, but all aspects of the size are small. Rolex movement has not been a beautiful decorative polished, but the functional polished does not negligence, it touches to do is also good, from the automatic Tuo part, it is much different than other automatic movement, the first is automatically The sprocket system has a separate fixed splint, resulting in a thicker movement, regardless of ensuring the reliability of the self-winding part of the basic travel wheel system with additional clamping plate, so the structure does have the nature of the stack, while The escapement wheel part also has a special KIF shock absorber structure, effectively do the key part of the strong and durable. Self-winding wheel system uses two special processing by the Rolex red wheel, red surface has a strong wear resistance, the two gears will be different in different directions of the swing Tuo Tuo converted to a gear, so as to complete the winding. Overall, the Rolex movement is recognized as a strong example of durable, all of its design, are practical-oriented. Rolex brand itself is a Swiss watchmaking brand, it is very table by the Friends of the table recognition, it has many styles, features a series, and each series (deepsea and milguass), there are two main Part of a 904L stainless steel is led by the popular table models, there is a class of precious metals as the leading high-end watches (casual sports watch less), which is the most high-end watches the most concentrated type, Type and Daytona three series. Today introduced, is a high-end Rolex watch in the ladies watch, said it high-end, because it is whole body with rose gold material, look just like a "gold bracelet", dial with diamond, strap President-type chain belt, automatic movement 2235 with the female form movement, making life and life will be "gold bracelet" into a brand culture, historical details of the wrist Zhenpin. And that it is based, because in the Rolex of the female form, it is no special decoration, no special features, but no exclusive movement, which is just a high-end watch in the basic style. But just so, if an elegant lady, wearing such a watch to attend a formal occasion or dinner, I think no one would think she is showing off their wealth, but is able to let her bloom female independence, wisdom and noble side , So as to become the focus of everyone.