For the goddess of the gift, three 200,000-level high-end ladies watch recommended

Goddess, always give high above, do not eat the feeling of the world, we do not talk about those who do not see the goddess of the ideological ideology, we look around the goddess. Each man will have a goddess in mind, whether at this time, or the moment, whether in the pillow, or in the distant future, the goddess for them as a spiritual power, build their souls. Dedicated to the side of the goddess, this shopping guide, as we recommend three gifts to the goddess, so that her side closer to you one step closer. Whether it is a holiday, or confession, or marriage, or to commemorate, a watch will make you a goddess impressed you, because in their eyes, men send their own rolex replica, said he would see their own time and the same important. 100 years, Patek Philippe uphold the unique brand of DNA and its respected tradition, innovation and creation, rare and the pursuit of quality and quality of the spirit of the process from generation to generation, as the history of Geneva, the longest independent family watchmaking enterprises. Today recommended Patek Philippe classic series ladies can be said to be a both inside and outside the charm of women. She not only has a highly accurate "heart", and by virtue of its simple design, clean texture of the color, beautiful lines of its immaculate charm and modern atmosphere in the golden time on stage, so that people parked her eyes, Was deeply impressed by her beauty. replica watches brand itself is a Swiss watchmaking brand, it is very table by the Friends of the table recognition, it has many styles, features a series, and each series (deepsea and milguass), there are two main Part of a 904L stainless steel is led by the popular table models, there is a class of precious metals as the leading high-end watches (casual sports watch less), which is the most high-end watches the most concentrated type, Type and Daytona three series. Today introduced, is a high-end Rolex watch in the ladies watch, said it high-end, because it is whole body with rose gold material, look just like a "gold bracelet", dial with diamond, strap President-type chain belt, automatic movement 2235 with the female form movement, making life and life will be "gold bracelet" into a brand culture, historical details of the wrist Zhenpin. And that it is based, because in the Rolex of the female form, it is no special decoration, no special features, but no exclusive movement, which is just a high-end watch in the basic style. But just so, if an elegant lady, wearing such a watch to attend a formal occasion or dinner, I think no one would think she is showing off their wealth, but is able to let her bloom female independence, wisdom and noble side , So as to become the focus of everyone. Girard Perregaux is a history of the brand has a watch, it is undeniable that it has launched in the history of many high-quality movement and excellent watch works, 1966 series is to commemorate the peak of the brand was established in recent years, , 1966 series to the classic style and retro style, introduced a variety of men's watch-based classic timepieces, and this year, the brand did not increase in this series of male models, but noble and generous personality independent of the two Female models show a series of ladies style. 49525-D52-ABD2-BK8A watch is one of the light dial models, bezel and dial a total of about 1 carat inlaid diamonds, which watch the appearance of a series of fully inherited the classic elements, accompanied by special Design of the dial, emphasizing women's soft and delicate. Time, such as water, it is invisible and tangible, in which the presentation of the watch, the time is the curve, is mildly, is elegant, as the angel of the dance in general, quietly appreciate the side know its taste. But the goddess of that touch of light eyes, goddess as the hearts of men dream, no one thought, but only a small number of people got, even so, they are still working with, because it is a dream. If you are fortunate enough to meet your goddess, and you have the possibility of development, then this is the gift of God. The recommendation of these three tables are undoubtedly very high-end presence, their simple and elegant posture, as the goddess of the table in general, pure no time, fascinating. Based on price considerations, Xiao Bian will not casually take some selling diamond to sell gold over the style to you, these three have a behind the brand's cultural heritage, while the tabulation process are very good, and watch itself, regardless of From design or technology, are worthy of this price. In the style, three tables have a lot of difference, Patek Philippe style is clearly a mature introverted type, and she did not playful design, no exaggeration of the arc, faded young ladies watch that layer of beautiful light, Instead of highlighting the level of peace, highlighting the cultivation of mature, as the general atmosphere of elegant peony; Rolex style is the actual demand, she is a very dignified and dignified watch, not frivolous, not artificial, there are real simple Style, between the Rolex and Patek Philippe, it mature with some playful, dignified with some lively, diamond shine, melodious lines, like a woman in the transformation of a wonderful moment . In the process, the three tables are used inlaid diamond technology, including Patek Philippe and Zhibo paragraph bezel set with diamond, Rolex models when the standard time scale diamond, Zhibo paragraph with mother of pearl shell dial, Patek Philippe for the gold stereo Paris stud-type time scale, the dial decorated with Newcastle pattern. Movement, the use of brand Patek Philippe famous long-standing 215 PS ultra-thin hand-winding movement, is the basis for the movement in the top of the Rolex is Cal.2235-type self-winding movement, is the rolex replica female models In the classic, Girard-Perregaux section is equipped with slim GP03300-0066 self-winding movement, these three tables are equipped with their own movement, from the process of Patek Philippe for the first, followed by Girard Perregaux, Rolex last; Degree on Rolex for the first, followed by Patek Philippe, Girard Perregaux finally. These three tables have their own advantages, are high-end women's classic watch, which Chi Parker paragraph for this year's new, they represent three different types of goddess, waiting for the affinity of the people.