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Evening and Night Walks

In the Brecon Beacons and Across South Wales

A favourite ways of ours to experience the great outdoors is to get out in the evening or at night and see things in a very different way.

Whether getting up onto high ground in the Brecon Beacons, passing through one of the dense South Wales forests in near pitch blackness or hearing the sound of the huge Waterfalls long before you can see them, these walks are a great way to spend the night.

Night walks can range from quiet ascents of popular mountains to gentle strolls and stargazing or even walking behind a waterfall…

  • Did you know that on a clear night above the Brecon Beacons you can see the Milky Way, as well as numerous major constellations, bright nebulas and even meteor showers!
  • The Brecon Beacons are now a Dark Sky reserve, it has some of the highest quality dark skies in the whole of the UK – making it the perfect destination for a better view of the night sky.


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